Rock 4 Recovery

Rock 4 Recovery is a brand new non-profit for veterans of all ages, gender and service history. The mission is to provide a safe and comfortable area for veterans to express their feelings and thoughts through music. Music throughout the years has been found to have positive affects and healing abilities for soldiers with invisible wounds of war such as PTSD and TBI.

It is designed to provide the opportunity to experience music in many ways. A veteran can learn to play an instrument of his choice, write songs, read music, etc. Even if the veteran does not choose to play an instrument he can learn a vast amount of other information we offer. There will be music industry professionals from the entertainment industry that will be volunteering their time to teach and mentor. Veterans are also welcome to come listen to the music, relax and enjoy the friendship of his fellow soldiers. 

Rock 4 Recovery
4404 Garrow St,Houston, TX 77011
(832) 203-5683
[email protected]

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